10ZiG Unveils New Dual Monitor Utility on Thin Clients

Phoenix, AZ - October 13, 2009 -

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10ZiG Technology (formerly BOSaNOVA, Inc.), the emerging market leader in development of Thin Clients and Network Appliances announces today the availability of a Dual Monitor Utility on 10ZiG thin clients offering a unique, enhanced dual monitor environment.

While dual monitors offer increased efficiency, users often find they provide limited functionality. To overcome typical limitations, 10ZiG’s dual monitor utility offers a host of unique features allowing for the ability to perform tasks not available in a standard dual monitor environment.

Highlights include:

  • Move windows and maximize windows across multiple displays
  • Smart taskbar feature to simplify the management of multiple applications
  • Easily setup preferences through the use of shortcuts
  • Create display profiles for custom display configurations on desktops with multiple users
  • Advanced dual display support for desktop wallpapers and screen savers
  • Mirror main monitor to secondary monitor

“Due to the promise of increased productivity, the popularity of dual monitors is growing at a rapid pace. In many instances users are left with limited options and features, not allowing them to achieve the highest level of productivity obtainable,” comments Martin Pladgeman, 10ZiG Technology President. “Our new utility offers enhanced, feature-rich dual monitor capabilities allowing users to achieve the full potential of a dual display environment.” 

10ZiG’s new dual monitor utility is available as an option on 10ZiG’s XPe and WES thin clients for purchase through 10ZiG’s resellers. For a no-obligation trial or for more information contact 10ZiG toll-free at (866) 865-5250, send an e-mail to info@10zig.com, or go to www.10zig.com

About 10ZiG Technology

10ZiG Technology (www.10zig.com), formerly BOSaNOVA, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company is principally engaged in the design and development of security solutions, thin clients and network appliances. The company’s solutions include a highly refined user interface, remote management software, and performance optimization. The company’s products are sold through a worldwide network of IBM and CITRIX Business Partners. Industry affiliations include membership in IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers, Citrix Global Alliance Partner Program, VMware Partner Program, Parallels Partner Program and the Microsoft Partner Program. For more information, visit www.10zig.com.

Contact us at 866-865-5250 or info@10ZiG.com for a free 30-day trial or for more information.



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